The project !∃2.0 (nonexistent2.0) is about realizing ideas, thoughts, things that do not yet exist. Well, making them as real as necessary for a group of (hopefully likeable) gamers: they exist in the virtual world. In principle, we do know they still do not really exist and we just lift them from one level of nonexistence to another (somewhat more tangibly) level of nonexistence (and there goes the explanation for the name ;)) But that’s still no reason to omit the generation of the morphology of a tree just because you could as well plant a tree and watch it grow.. Or not to model a pretty nose just because you got one as well.. No, no… So that’s the plan. We ourselves do not yet know for sure where this plan might lead us. We have a rough idea that has something to do with roaming a virtual world with some friends and has a lot to do with a bunch of cool things that hopefully bring a lot of fun 🙂

A further project is by Chro with the support of Science-O-Matics. Beside deepening Chros knowledge in mordern web languages and development the project as a social platform features a place to go for “Shut up and take my money” products including a rating and commenting system within a working framework. Everything learned will be used for the creation of the web site and the interfaces between !∃2.0 and the Web 2.0 at the latest.

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